Baptist Student Union – The purpose of this organization is to help you deepen your faith in God; find support from others in the living of your Faith; join with others in the study of the Scriptures; use your gifts In ministering to others; have a meaningful worship experience; help get the “bigger picture of the world” from a Christian perspective; and develop friendships that become lasting relationships.

Campus Crusade for Christ - The purpose of this organization is to provide regular opportunities to study & discuss the Bible, worship & pray, all in a group setting, which also provides opportunities for fellowship, encouragement and spiritual development among members.

Catholic Student Association - CSA is an organization that provides students an opportunity to experience Christ in service, social, and spiritual settings. We welcome all students to attend any of our events. We meet every Monday evening at 6:30 at the Parish Life Center behind Our Lady of Victories Catholic Church. We attend retreats, have bible studies, explore Catholic teachings, and provide service to our community. Come and join us anytime! We make announcements and notify students of events on our Facebook page. You can search it as: Delta State CSA.

God’s Anointed Voices - The purpose of this organization is to help students feel at home while showing them that things in life with God can be positive & successful; to encourage the students to stay focused on their goals in life & with God; and to teach students the history & the meaning of the Holy Bible.

Latter Day Saints Student Organization (LDSSA) – The purpose of this organization is to encourage & support members of LDSSA in achieving their academic goals & maintaining a balanced life while on campus; encourage members of LDSSA to become an influence for god by participating in activities & service on campus & in the community; provide students with meaningful service opportunities & social & religious activities that are consistent with LDSSA standards; and promote traditional moral values.  More info

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) - The purpose of this organization is to provide students with opportunities to study the good news of Jesus Christ in large group Bible studies, small group Bible studies & one to one settings. The goals of this organization include evangelism, growth in the knowledge & application of God’s grace, an atmosphere of sincere fellowship, service to those in the community, and the development of a Biblical world & life view. More info

Wesley Foundation - The purpose of this organization is to aid all people to a better understanding of the Christian faith, to aid them in their search for meaning in life, and to help them grow normally in all aspects of life.  More info