Alpha Eta Rho – The purpose of this organization is to actively associate interested students of Aviation with leaders and executives in the industry.

American Chemical Society – This organization supports students & their faculty to promote professional development, mentoring & peer support mechanisms for undergraduates majoring in the chemical society.  More info

Career Ambassadors Ambassadors are selected each semester and volunteer and network with potential employers. They promote career building and helpful services for students looking to further their career on-campus and off.

Community Development Student Organization - The purpose of this organization is to promote excellence, leadership, unity and organization to community development graduate students, faculty, and professionals; increase interpersonal relationships between CD graduate students, faculty and professionals; providing an avenue for discussion, innovation, entrepreneurship, camaraderie and experience by encouraging interaction with local communities while in the confines of academia; and increase national recognition for university community development programs & promote community development as a growing & much needed career field.

Criminal Justice Association - The purpose of this organization is to promote interest in the Criminal Justice field & give a better understanding of the Criminal Justice field.

Mathematical Association of America (MAA) - The purpose of this organization is to encourage students to continue study in the mathematical sciences and consider a career and to provide opportunities to meet with other Math students & encourage participation in student activities.

MS Professional Educators (MPE) – The purpose of the organization is to foster high ideals of the education professions; promote interest in education; promote the welfare of students & educators; provide opportunities for pre-service teachers to work cooperatively in their curriculum area; increase knowledge & understanding of pre-service teachers through a variety of educational opportunities; bring relevant issues about the needs of students to the attention of pre-service teachers; and cooperate with agencies & organizations working for the best interest of students.

Student Nurses Association - The purpose of this organization is to foster communication among the members of the nursing student body & between the nursing student body & faculty; to promote a better understanding of the professional nursing program on campus & in the community; and to promote & encourage participation in community affairs & activities which promote improved health care.

Student Alumni Association (SAA)  - The purpose of this organization is to develop leadership among future alumni.

Student Association of Family & Consumer Sciences – This organization was established so the FCS majors can contribute fully to the growth & promotion of Family & Consumer Sciences & add to their own professional growth.

Women in Aviation /Delta 22s - The purpose of this organization is to champion women’s professional growth and enrichment in the aviation fields by providing opportunities for sharing information and networking, education, fostering a sense of community & increasing public awareness of women in the industry.